Hello! My name is Jacob Reynolds, and I am a junior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I am studying English and Magazine Media, so you best believe I write quite a bit!

In fact, I write so much that I am currently in charge of writing jobs. I am the secretary of my fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, as well as the News Editor of Drake’s student newspaper, The Times-Delphic. For the latter I also do a little designing.


For a little more background, I am originally from Sterling, Illinois, a rural town in the northwestern part of the Land of Lincoln. While I was in high school I also did a lot of writing, both for my school’s newspaper and the yearbook. I worked with doing videography and graphics for my school’s football, basketball, soccer, baseball and softball games.

When I wasn’t busy gearing up for my future plans with journalism, I participated in golf and tennis. Furthermore, I worked behind the scenes for my school’s theatre productions and practiced creative writing. All of this helped me get ready for my involvement with various extracurriculars in college.

Work experience

As I have said, I worked videography in high school and am currently the News Editor for the student newspaper. The various duties I have as an editor for the paper include writing articles for my section, design the first three pages of the paper through InDesign.

I also copyedit each of the articles within my section to make sure they are up to snuff. I also check to see if they are using proper Associated Press stylistic standards. Also, for the past four years I have been working for my high school’s alumni foundation, the Sterling Schools Foundation. While there I have done hours and hours of research to both write articles and relay information to my boss at the foundation.

I have also written close to twenty articles (which includes athletic hall of fame biographies) for the print and e-newsletter publications that goes out to thousands of alumni.

Future plans

As I go forth into my future, I plan to become an eventual professor teaching English (preferably Shakespeare studies). For the time being I plan to work at a magazine. There, I can show off all the skills I have learned over my time in high school, college and through my extracurriculars. That way, I can show the full gamut of my abilities.